Visitation will only be granted to attorneys and non-attorney professionals representing detainees currently residing in the Cook County Department of Corrections.

The Attorney Virtual Visitation Request Application System may be used to schedule the following. Time slots are only available from Monday through Friday.

  • Attorney/Professional Video Conferences
  • Probation Phone Calls
  • Federal Court Appearances
  • Federal Court Depositions
  • Federal Court Settlement Conferences
All requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance for attorney/professional video conferences and phone calls, and seven days in advance for federal court proceedings. Requests from attorneys and non-attorney professionals will only be granted if the detainee(s) they represent currently resides in the Cook County Department of Corrections.

All Federal Court related options can only be used for civil litigation and may not be used for criminal matters. The Federal Court Appearance option can be used for instances in which a detainee must appear before the court for a status conference, motion and/or hearing.

For questions about scheduling, please contact

Attorney Virtual Visitation has been created as a courtesy to provide attorneys/professionals and their clients alternative means to communicate. Attorney Virtual Visitation can be conducted by phone or by video. If you elect to conduct a video virtual visit, it can be connected through Zoom or Skype. Communications through this system—either audio or video—are not monitored or recorded. However, please note that the CCSO cannot guarantee total privacy during these calls, as they are occurring in a correctional setting.

Phone calls through Legacy/Edovo are not recorded ONLY if the attorney professional has listed the phone number as a non-recordable number for attorney client privilege. Please contact to have the attorney’s phone number placed on the attorney client privileged list.

All customary call charges will apply. Legacy/Edovo can be reached at 1-800-356-8390 or for any questions regarding rates or account setup.

If your client is on a restricted tier, then it is likely your scheduled video call (Zoom or Skype) will be automatically changed to an on-tier phone call. In such instances, you will receive outreach from CCSO staff to confirm the time of the call and appropriate phone number for your client to use.

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